The climate of Switzerland is changing. The Swiss Climate Change Scenarios CH2011 provide a new assessment of how this climate may change over the 21st century. They are based on new generations of climate models with higher resolution, improved statistical methods, and an account of all recent relevant studies as well as the assessments by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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The CH2011 Extension Series

The CH2011 Extension Series improve the existing climate change scenario products from CH2011 in order to better match end-user needs. This work is addressed in several extension articles (in English only) and is coordinated by members of the CH2011-community. As soon as new articles and corresponding scenario data are released, this page is updated accordingly.

CH2011 Extension No. 1

Local scenarios at daily resolution for emission scenarios A2 and RCP3PD

Bosshard et al. (2015)

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CH2011 Extension No. 2

Climate scenarios of seasonal means: extensions in time and space

Fischer et al. (2015)

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CH2011 Extension No. 3

Climate scenarios of seasonal means: inter-variable and inter-seasonal correlations of change estimates

Fischer et al. (2016)

CH2011 Extension No. 4

Bias-corrected transient scenarios at the local scale and at daily resolution

Kotlarski et al. (2017)

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